Welcome to HistoryofPoliticalThought.Net!

This website is intended to be a resource for postgraduates working in the fields of intellectual history and the history of political thought, as well as those in related areas such as the history of science, political theory and legal history. This forum was established in 2009 by London-based postgraduates studying the history of political thought, and continues to be run by postgraduate students.

On this website, you will find information about, and can register for, upcoming conferences organised by London postgraduates working in the field. The London Graduate Conference in the History of Political Thought is currently one of three annual HPT graduate conferences in the UK for current MA and PhD students, and has attracted speakers from the United States, Brazil, and Canada, as well as from numerous British institutions. The objective of the conference is to identify and explore themes in intellectual history that have resonated through the ages, gathering innovative scholarly contributions from both graduate students as well as established authorities. Past keynote speakers include Eric Nelson (Harvard), Melissa Lane (Princeton), and John Dunn (Cambridge), with previous themes including Global Order and Disorder, Conceptualising Change, and Property, Dominium and Self-Ownership.

You will also find information about the History of Political Ideas Early Career seminar based at the Institute of Historical Research. Speakers interested in presenting a paper at the seminar should consult our eligibility requirements, and get in touch by following the link to contact us.